© Copyright 2011  Julianne Dodds Speedboat and hydroplane Championships 1921 - 1925 New owner for Century Tire Vice-Commodore R. Walder’s Century Tire  comes ashore at the new R.Y.M.C. jetty. Mr R. Walder who, in 1925, was Vice-Commodore of the R.M.Y.C. of N.S.W., bought the damaged boat. He planned to take her to Adelaide in quest of the 1927 Australasian Championship. At that time the Cup had not been won in New South Wales since 1914. A new hull was made for Century Tire  and she was taken to the R.M.Y.C. boat shed at Rose Bay. Walder’s efforts went unrewarded. Still regarded as the fastest speed boat in Australia, Century   Tire was dogged by mechanical problems and breakdowns during 1927. Her petrol tank exploded in   June and in October she capsized while travelling at 60 miles an hour throwing Walder into the water.   His first win in Century Tire was in early 1928   when he won the Eastway Shield in Sydney. Continued attempts were made on the world’s   motor boat record for a mile. In November 1928   a special match was arranged at Rose Bay   between Century Tire and Squadron Leader   Kingsford Smith’s (Smithy) Miss Southern Cross. Smithy’s plane was allowed a six minute start and was leading when her propeller broke   and she was unable to complete the course.   Over the previous two years, Walder had   announced his intention to enter Century Tire   for the Griffith Cup in 1930. But illness had   prevented him from racing in the Australian   Championships.  Squadron Leader Kingsford Smith (inset left) wins from Robert Walder (inset right)