© Copyright 2011  Julianne Dodds Speedboat and hydroplane Championships 1921 - 1925  Victory for Century Tire Rose Bowl inscribed: Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron Special Trophy Griffith Cup Australasian Motor Boat Championship Century Tire Owner J McG Williams Feb 23rd 1924 From members to Mrs. J. McG. Williams Members of the Royal Yacht Squadron entertained the crews of the competing boats at dinner at the Largs Pier Hotel on Saturday evening, and a social and musical evening was held at the clubrooms on the Semaphore Esplanade.  Mac was given a rousing welcome when he arrived and the guests all joined in to sing, “For he’s a jolly good fellow”. When Mac was asked to make a speech he said he felt more at home at the wheel of a hydroplane than on his feet making a speech. When asked if his engine had given any trouble he replied, “No; she never lost a beat.  After the first round I was not frightened of losing.  The only boat I feared was the Tortoise II.  Had her engines been going properly I think it would have been either Tortoise II first and Century Tire second, or vice versa.  Asked whether he would build a new boat for next year, Mac said:- “ I recognize that we must improve every year; but I cannot say yet what I will do.  I feel sure the Rymill brothers will come over with something good.”  When asked if his boat could have gone another heat with the large rent in her side, Mr. Williams said he could have done four heats if necessary. Welcome home Mac arrived back in Brisbane by mail train the following week. As he stepped on to the Central Station platform, he was met by friends and boating enthusiasts to congratulate him. He had succeeded in raising the prestige of Queensland sport. Two weeks later, a dinner was held to honour Mac, and he announced that he had decided to accept a challenge in August that year from the owners of Tortoise II. Arrangements were under way to alter the deed of gift in connection with the cup, to enable the race to be held twice a year, instead of annually. Although the existing conditions entitled Mac to retain the cup for one year, he felt it would create greater enthusiasm by competing for it every six months. However, in future years, this was not to be the case. For the next few months Mac kept a low profile on the racing scene and concentrated his energies on his plywood manufacturing business. An aquatic carnival was planned for the Brisbane Centenary celebrations on the 9th August 1924. George Whatmore prepared by having Reg Holmes in Sydney build a new hydroplane equipped with a 240 h.p. 8 cylinder Hispano Suiza engine. Whatmore’s new boat was named J. McG. W. as a tribute to Mac. The aquatic program began at 2 pm. The amateur rowing races were controlled by the Queensland Rowing Association, and the speed boat events by the Queensland Motor Yacht Club.  Many of the spectators watched the competitors from the decks of a navy destroyer opposite the Domain. Mac won the speed motor handicap with Miss Coorparoo. He then raced again to win the half-mile Australian Centenary record with Century Tire. Meteor came second. Century Tire had also established a record for the Southern Hemisphere in doing a half mile in 22 sec., the equivalent of over 81 miles per hour.