© Copyright 2011  Julianne Dodds Speedboat and hydroplane Championships 1921 - 1925 Century Tire II The launching of Century Tire II In March 1932 Walder launched a new boat, Century Tire II from the Cockatoo Island dockyard. She was lighter than the original Century Tire and was expected to do up to 80 miles per hour. Her length was 24 feet with a beam of 8 feet. Century Tire II immediately became quite a sensation and began winning events. It appears that Walder ceased using the first Century Tire in racing. However, while an event was being held at Sydney in December 1932, Century Tire, while not taking place in the race, created a sensation when she crashed into a cabin cruiser. Walder was hurtled overboard. Part of the cabin clung to the bow of the hydroplane for a few seconds then slipped off and sank. Two men from the cruiser had been catapulted into the water while Century Tire sped on out of control, narrowly missing a ferry steamer and a yacht and passing through a fleet of anchored boats. Travelling out of control at 30 miles an hour she headed for the beach and climbed a rocky hillside before coming to rest. In November 1943, over 20 years after Mac had raced her to win the Australasian Championship, Mac’s old Century Tire was put up for auction. The advertisement read in part This launch has a particularly good type hull and is well fitted and admirably suited for refitting with a cruising engine.’ It is not known what then became of the once ‘fastest boat in Australia’. The moment of impact when Century Tire collided with the launch. The cabin has been sheared off and a second later Walder is thrown into the water.