© Copyright 2011  Julianne Dodds Speedboat and hydroplane Championships 1921 - 1925 As the interest in speed boat racing grew, the Motor Yacht Club of Queensland was formed in August 1922. The Club held their State Princess Carnival on 18th November 1922 beside the Brisbane River. Without a speed boat Mac could not race in that event. Instead, he raced his new motor yacht Malaita  in the Motor Tender Handicap and won. In those days there were no restrictions on engine size for racing boats. Mr. Lahey, the owner of the speed boat Q.P., had actually taken the engine out of his motor car, fitted it into his boat and won the race. While Mac was wondering what he was going to do about Miss Brisbane, the plans of another contender for the Australasian speedboat championship came to Mac’s attention. Major Darcy Donkin had risen to rank of Major in the First World War. From his property ‘Meteor Downs’ in far west Queensland, he became the first private owner of an aeroplane in Queensland and flew it to inspect the sheep on his station. Major Donkin had run second in the 1922 race in Adelaide with his hydroplane Greyhound. He had represented New South Wales in the Championship because when he joined the Motor Yacht Club he did not know that such an association existed in Queensland. Donkin had ordered a hull to accommodate two Rolls Royce Eagle Eight engines, yielding an aggregate horsepower of 700. His new boat Meteor was built on similar lines to the world’s champion, Miss America. Mac now realised that Miss Brisbane needed a much larger motor to compete against both Tortoise and Meteor. He was prepared to spend big money in his quest and, following the results of similar boats in America, Mac finally settled upon a 450 h.p. Liberty aero motor. He immediately cabled to America for the engine and Reg Holmes began to construct a new hull. Working night and day, twelve men at the boatshed finished the hull in nine weeks, and when the new Liberty engine arrived it was immediately installed in the boat. Plans for the 1923 Australasian Championship Darcy Donkin’s Meteor Photo from Williams Collection