© Copyright 2011  Julianne Dodds Speedboat and hydroplane Championships 1921 - 1925 No. 3 - Lady Sid Photo from Williams Collection 1924 Australasian Motor boat Championship in Adelaide No. 1 - Tortoise II - Rymill Brothers. Photo from Williams Collection No. 4 - Millawa Photo from Williams Collection At Port Adelaide River on Saturday, 23rd February 1924, an estimated 30,000 spectators watched the competitors in the race. In the city the motor boat race was the chief topic of interest. His Excellency the Governor (Sir Tom Bridges) was present at the race. A large crowd began to gather on the Adelaide Railway Station from one o’clock, and every train to Osborne was crowded to its utmost capacity. There was a continuous stream of motor traffic and the parking area was filled to overflowing. Small boys took risks to get a better view and many climbed up the masts and riggings of vessels.  On the river there was great activity at Port Adelaide from early morning. Many auxiliary ketches and schooners had been scrubbed clean and newly painted for the occasion. The impressive procession down the river was preceded by small sailing craft; then came ketches, some under power, and others relying on their sails. Motor boats chugged along, and last of all the tugs and impressive steamers, literally crammed with sightseers. No. 2 - Century Tire  Photo from Williams Collection CHART OF THE COURSE Australasian Motor Boat Championship for the Griffith Australian Championship, Osborne, South Australia, February 23rd 1924 From Williams Collection